How to Become a Book Editor


You should start by earning a university degree. To become an editor, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in writing heavy subjects such as English, communication or journalism. You can as well take coursework that includes mass media and cross-media studies. This is essential because nobody will like to hire somebody who does not have a proper knowledge to edit their books.

Apart from that, you should train yourself to use publishing software. It will be quite unfortunate that you are found that you cannot even use book publishing software after you have been called for an interview for the editor’s position. Therefore, you should use your free time to train yourself to use different book publishing software so that you can have the right knowledge on the same.

Besides, you should also hone your writing skills. You find that most of the people know that editors are experts in language and communication. Therefore, you should work on your own blog, novel, and other writing projects as this will make you gain experience as you shape your style and form. On most cases, most editors begin as writers before they finally become editors. You can as well apply for a position as your college editor to sharpen your skills as you look for other jobs.

Apart from that, you should also seek publishing internships. This is something that you can do after you have graduated by requesting for an internship in publishing houses. But it is essential that you look for publishing houses that are concentrated on the genre that you are interested in. You can as well look at the copyright page of your favorite books and locate the companies that print them. Besides, you should also follow publishing houses and editors on Twitter and other social media platforms so that you can stay informed of the opportunities. Check this homepage to learn more.

Also, you should also attend proofreading seminars. With this seminars, you will be in a position to learn some proofreading basics by hand or by the use of a computer. Besides, you will also learn how to write proofreading marks which can help you a lot when you have been out of school for long. Check this out for more info.

Besides, you should also purchase reference works. You find that with reference works, you will be in a position to know the latest style that is used in editing. Besides, they will also improve your grasp of spelling, punctuation, and stylistic rules. Visit for other references.


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